Points to Think of while Renting a Freezer Van or Refrigerator Truck from Aaditya Transport

Refrigeration Van & Truck Hire is on the rise. With better technology now available to ensure that vehicles can provide commercial cooling on the go; hiring a freezer van has become a more viable option. At Aaditya Transport we have realised this factor and have made sure that we are better than the best in the business of Refrigerator Trucks and Vans in Melbourne. Here’s what sets us apart-

Maintain Quality Standards

Aaditya Transport has invested in a fleet of refrigerator vans that can meet every need of Melbourne based cold chain businesses. We have refrigerator vans for hire that are capable of providing temperatures ranging from chill to deep freeze. Our freezer vans have multi-temperature compartments that can accommodate various goods during a single operation.

Range of Vans & Trucks

Our unique refrigerator van and truck hire services can provide you with a 1-tonne or 2-tonne vehicle that can operate all over Melbourne and go interstate if needed. We also have a wide range of vehicles that include small vans, refrigerated vans with MWB and LWB, and 1-ton van, 2-ton freezer van and refrigerated truck body with custom-built box. You can also hire tray trucks from us.

Modern Fleet of Trucks and Vans

Aaditya Transport is proud to say that we have one of the largest fleet of Renault vans and trucks. This ensures that our fleet meets all the modern day requirements of a top end refrigeration van or truck that can transport a wide range of refrigerated goods.

Wide Network of Suppliers

Aaditya Transport works with a group of other suppliers that provide us with a support network that spreads across Melbourne and Australia. We specifically source, and supply a fleet that is perfect for your business’s transportation need. Along with that, we also offer on road support to the vehicles in the form of refrigeration servicing, secure parking for overnight transport, insurance and equipment checks for refrigerator trucks that you hire.

Maintain Safety Standards

We have a team of professionals who conduct regular safety checks on all our refrigerator hire vans and trucks. Before we give out our freezer vans and refrigerator truck for hire we ensure that they are thoroughly examined, checked and tested. We do these tests not just to ensure that they work well on the road but to also make sure that your cargo is safe.

Quick & Assured Service

Aaditya Transport can provide you with short-term & emergency van hires. We also provide quick renewal of contracts for businesses that need longer operational continuity. Besides this we also offer same-day delivery all across Melbourne.

Affordable Hiring Rates

When in business with us you can be rest assured that the rates you get for refrigerator van and truck hiring are not just going to be affordable but rather they will be the best markups that you can find in Melbourne.

Where can I find 1-tonne van, 2-tonne Van or Tray truck in Melbourne?

Aaditya Transport is Melbourne’s most preferred Freezer Van Hire and Refrigerated Van hire specialist. We satisfy all the freezer van hire needs of any business that needs it. Our comprehensive refrigerated fleet includes 1-tonne van, 2-tonne Van, freezer vans, tray trucks and commercial refrigerated van and trucks.

Our strategic location allows us to provide fast and efficient service for businesses in Melbourne and its surrounding areas. We offer free pick-up and drop-off service for transporting commercial vehicles within a radius of 20km.

When you hire trucks and vans from us you will be offered the most affordable rates in Melbourne. You will also be given a comprehensive quote with all the services included so that you have reasonable bill in your hand.

Hire a Refrigeration Van or Truck Now

We have all types of trucks and vans that will fulfill your cooling needs. At Aaditya Transport you can also go in for tray truck hires as well. If you want to know more about our services then call Aaditya Transport at 04 0499 9100 now.

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