Our Story

Today, Aaditya transport is ranking top as the biggest fleet of Renault vans in Australia. It is due to the result of the long travel from a long way of struggle and huge experience. It was 2010 when I, Navneet Saini stepped in Australia with a low amount in his hands. However, I managed to learn some tactics in the logistics industry in less than a decade. I could set my own company and delivery the most reliable customer service. Initially, I worked in UPS jobs and I managed to own 25 vans in just two years. It was 2016 when I started the business Aaditya transports, named after my son. Now, at this position, I would like to thank my wife, Prabhleen and my daughter, Aayushya who extended their help in all the areas of this business.

Today, I proudly say that my business is at the steady growth with 100 vans out of which 70 are Renaults and I have also planned to join 20 new Renaults in the upcoming financial year. I could reach these heights only because I understood the value of the great service as per the demands. Also, the value of employees will never be denied. They wear treated well with all the necessary offerings and kindness. This increase in the number of employees to 50 out of which 45 of them are the drivers.

I have also invested the money in the right way like the GPS, Fleet Management software to help our clients, employees, and vehicles to offer enough protection. With all these, my business is moving with exponential growth and gain more happy customers.

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