Hire Moving Truck or Van in Melbourne

At Aaditya Transport we know how stressful moving can be. Whether it is re-location, moving furniture, goods and supplies or making a delivery; every task has its own challenges. But this is where our expertise and flexibility comes into play. When you choose us for renting a moving van or moving truck hire in Melbourne we guarantee to provide you with the best solutions.

We offer our clients accessories and support that is required for moving. It does not matter if the moving job is just for a day or for weeks; we provide all required assistance from beginning to the end. Above all we make sure that you have the right vehicle for your payload.

Every moving task is different from the other and for that reason you need a specialised vehicle to complete the job. Aaditya Transports understands these needs and provides the best fleet of trucks and vans for hire in Melbourne.

Truck Rent

If you are looking for heavy duty payload then you should opt for a truck. A rented truck of this size should be able to handle all your household items no matter how big your home is. These vehicles are usually used for moving big furniture items, goods & commercial supplies over long distances or interstate. Aaditya Transport can also provide you with trucks for rent that have refrigeration facilities. These trucks are great for moving meat and dairy products in various climates across Australia.

Ute & Car Hire

Not every moving is about transporting big and small items from point A to B. Sometimes you need to move around with your friends and family. Even for these small little joys of life Aaditya Transport offers cars and Utes for hires. We some excellent vehicles that you can rent out over the weekend to have a great time. Some of our Utes can also be used for transporting small items.

Why Rent Trucks and Van From Aaditya Transport?

  • All vehicles are professionally maintained and undergo quality checks
  • We provide on-road assistance for every long distance truck hire and van rental
  • We provide accessories like lifts, ramps, trolley, trays and packaging equipment along with the moving vans you rent
  • We provide helpers and drivers who can drive your rented trucks
  • All our hired vans and rented trucks are of the latest models in the market

Find Cheap rate moving van or truck rental in Melbourne

Aaditya Transport offers you a large and versatile fleet of hire trucks, vans, 4WDs, Ute and cars. If you’re looking to hire a moving truck or van for a new home or office or if you are planning for a road trip across Australia; then Aaditya Transport has got the vehicle that you need.

We also give advice on the best vehicle as per your truck hire needs. You are assured of a hassle-free rental experience with us. We have a reputation of assisting small business owners in Melbourne and provide the most affordable rates on all our commercial vehicles.

Here are some requirements that you need to hire or rent our vehicles

  • A Valid Driver’s License
  • Make all the necessary deposits before renting the vehicle
  • Have the required clearances if you are moving interstate
  • Have the requisite insurance documents

Get You Vehicle Hired Today

If you are looking to hire a van or rent a truck in Melbourne then contact Aadityaa Transport now. We will provide you all solution for your long distance van hire and budget truck hire. To know more call us at 04 0499 9100 now

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