What makes us special?

Unlike other transport companies from Melbourne, we have custom packages that suit all types of clients. All our pick up and drop packages are available for daily, weekly or monthly rental.


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Find Professional Movers in Melbourne

For years Aaditya Transport has been providing professional moving solutions in Melbourne. Whether you are looking for a van, truck or even a car hire, we have all the options and choices that you would ever need.


Ute Hire

If you are planning for short distance movement within Melbourne then you can hire a range of Utes from Aaditya Transport. Our Ute hires are fitted with safety rods and covers which ensure that your cargo is safe and secure. Utes are ideal for short term hiring needed for a few days. You can drive Ute hire vehicle on a standard license. A Ute can fit your payload, one driver and a passenger with ease.

Van Hire

The moving fleet at Aaditya Transport can offer 1-tonne & 2-tonne vans for hire. These vans are weather proof and are extremely secure with internal mesh and insulation linings. You also have tie down facilities to secure your cargo. It is ideal for re-location and for delivery of goods and supplies. These vans are the best option for interstate movement of medium size payload.

Truck Hire

If you want to move very heavy payloads across Melbourne or Australia then Aaditya Transport can help you hire trucks as well. Our trucks can carry large cargos and is suitable for interstate transport. Unlike most moving companies we have a modern fleet of trucks which are easy to drive. Besides the payload you can also accommodate one driver and two passengers.

Uber Car Hire

Aaditya Transport also provides vehicles for Uber Car Hire. If you are planning to move small items or go on a road trip then ask our staff members for the wide variety of Uber car hires that are available with us. Uber Car Hire is a very economical choice for moving around in Melbourne. We follow all the guidelines and protocols set by Uber for car hires.

Hire Car & Ute | Affordable Rate | Melbourne

There are many advantages of using Aaditya Transport’s car hire and Ute hire services. These services are available for affordable rates-

  • Well maintained fleet of cars and Utes for hire to transfer small payloads.
  • Professional team of movers with hands on experienced in moving household & commercial items around Melbourne.
  • Damage free packing and moving of goods within Melbourne and across Australia for
    • Housing Relocation
    • Commercial Heavy Furniture transport
    • Moving Delicate & Expensive items like Pianos and Relics
    • Office Furniture and Full Relocation Service
    • Moving Large Single Items

Hire the Best Movers in Melbourne

Delivery, re-location, heavy payload transport or whatever else it is that you want to move; you need the services of a mover with a network as wide as that of Aaditya Transport. Call us now at 04 0499 9100 to know more about our rates, vehicles and services

Services We Offer

When you need a transportation specialist to handle all your deliveries, Aaditya Transport is the business to contact. Having around 150 vehicles in our fleet and 49 dedicated members in our team, we’re committed to providing top-quality services so that we meet and exceed your expectations. Book your vehicle from us today or contact our team if you have any questions! We proudly serve the areas of Victoria and New South Wales.

Bakery Services Melbourne

Fruit and Vegetable Deliveries

Choose us when you have to transport fresh fruits and vegetables to different markets. Rest assured that our team will deliver your consignment to the right place at the right time.

refrigerated trucks

Bakery Deliveries

With over 30 refrigerated trucks at our disposal, transporting all your bakery items is a piece of cake. The professionals at AadityaTransport will ensure timely delivery of your consignment.


Meat & Poultry Deliveries

Transporting meat and poultry is not easy if you don’t have the ideal vehicle. Fortunately for you, we have just the right vehicle for you to transport meat and poultry with ease.


Wine Deliveries

Our fleet of well-maintained vehicles are perfect to transfer your consignment of wine bottles to your destination without a hitch. You can also rent out our vehicles to make deliveries at your convenience.

Ware House Permanent Melbourne

Ware House Permanent

Are you running a warehouse business? Rent the right vehicles from our exceptional fleet of vehicles at a cost-effective price. You can use our online booking system to make an instant reservation.

Milk Deliveries Melbourne

Milk Deliveries

Deliver fresh milk to your customers in our refrigerated trucks with ease. Our temperature-controlled trucks are perfect to transport milk and other dairy products while keeping them fresh.

Clients Victoria New South Hills
Owned Vehicles
People in Team

AADITYA TRANSPORT a Melbourne-based Transport Company, established in 2016. We are a cargo-transportation specialist. With our services, you and your consignment will reach its destination safely on time, every time. We have managed to build a great reputation and reliability factor by achieving an efficient transport service and by achieving 100% customer satisfaction. We keep spreading our transport services by adding new destinations to serve better and to fulfill our customer’s needs. We committed to deliver our customers’ valuable consignments to the right destination at the right time. And we will constantly strive to achieve this objective.



Aaditya Transport in Melbourne

Reach your destination - happy and safe!

For more information about our entire fleet and transport services, please feel free to contact our customer care team by dialing 0404 999 100, or get in touch by submitting the desired details in the form listed in our CONTACT US page.

What makes us special?

Unlike other transport companies from Melbourne, we have custom packages that suit all types of clients. All our pick up and drop packages are available for daily, weekly or monthly rental.


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